The Okavango Delta is one of the best-known safari areas in southern Africa. This native swamp delta is fed by the Kavango River, which originates in central Angola. After the summer rains, it flows more than 1000 kilometers south to Botswana, where it ends in the Okavango Delta from May. Here it forms a hand-shaped range of lagoons, rivers, and canals. Floodplains flood and then islands covered with papyrus and palm trees are created.

Marsh antelopes such as the sitatunga, lechwe and reedbuck thrive here. Hippos and crocodiles think themselves lord and master over the water, while birds of all colors, shapes, and sizes populate the trees and banks. On the higher ground, you can find elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, cheetas, zebras, giraffes and many species of antelopes.

The Okavango Delta is divided into concessions. These are protected areas of the nature reserve that are only accessible to visitors of the tented camps and lodges in that concession. In some concessions both land and water, safaris are made, while from other concessions only walking safaris, mokoro and/or boat trips are possible. The lodges and tented camps in the delta are only accessible by charter plane.

The water level reaches its highest level in the months of July and August. The floodplains are flooded and an ideal location for safaris by mokoro (canoe). The water recedes from September, but the delta is never completely dry. There are areas where you can undertake water activities throughout the year.