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5 Must Visits That Usually Miss In Uganda Safari Itineraries

5 Must Visits That Usually Miss In Uganda Safari Itineraries

Uganda safari itineraries are often spotted with gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, game drives, Rwenzori Mountain hiking, and cultural tours. But on top of this, out of the ten national parks in Uganda, there are mainly five national parks that are visited by most travelers.

  • Bulambuli Community Tour and Waterfalls

Mountain Elgon is one of the least visited national parks in Uganda. This is partly because the Eastern Uganda circuit is not as popular as the western circuit. Many people that travel to the East are usually drawn by either Jinja or Sipi falls. But for the lovers of waterfalls, there are more waterfalls to explore in Eastern Uganda.

Sisiyi waterfalls can be categorized among the Bulambuli waterfalls; but besides the marvel of the beautiful Sisiyi waterfalls, the community in itself is worth exploring. The main activity in the community is substance farming. Its landscape is good for mountain biking as well as hiking.

For the lovers of hiking, Bulambuli has better hiking trails than Sipi falls. Given its unpopularity, you are likely to be the only visitor in the area given an environment where you can explore without the trouble of finding a congested destination.

It is not common to find an itinerary featuring the Bulambuli community. Many people that have visited the waterfalls in Bulambuli community have often done it courtesy of self-drive safaris in Uganda. However tailor-made Uganda safaris also make it possible to visit these ignored yet amazing destinations.

Getting to Bulambuli Community and where to stay.

Located less than an hour’s drive from Mbale city in Eastern Uganda. From Sippi Falls, Bulambuli Community and waterfalls are located less than 20 minutes drive.

A wide variety of accommodation options are available in Mbale city, and some of these include Mbale resort Hotel, Lucia Villas, Mt. Elgon Hotel, Mbale Courts View, Wash and Wills Hotel, Crown Suites, and many others. If you want to stay in the wild (Out of Urban crowds), there are many campsites and safari lodges around the falls and these include Sippi Falls Lodge, Sipi Valley Resort, Sipi River Lodge, Rafiki Safari Lodge, Moses Campsite and Lacam Lodge among others.

  • Lake Albert Shores

The roof of Uganda is pinned at 5110 meters above sea level. Unfortunately, it requires some fitness and dedication to get to that point. Not many people have been able to hike the Rwenzori successfully given the fact that it is one of the most challenging mountains to climb in Africa.

But your failure to climb the Rwenzoris up to the roof of Uganda should not stop you from visiting the place that has the lowest point in Uganda. Lake Albert is one of the must-visits for any safari enthusiasts. The village life on the shores is a worthwhile experience.

Lake Albert Communities

Lake Albert Communities

Not many people even have a photo at the lowest point in Uganda. In my opinion, these should mark as one of the main milestones of your Uganda safari. A photo at the source of the Nile, a photo at the Equator, a photo at the lowest point of Uganda, and a photo at the roof of Uganda.

Similar to Bulambuli waterfalls, lake Albert is not commonly included in most Uganda safari itineraries. The best way to make sure that you do not miss such a place is to ensure that you book either a tailor-made safari or a self-drive safari with a reputable car rental agency in Uganda.

Getting there and where to Stay

Lake Albert is located in Western Uganda, 5 hours from Kampala, and 1-hour drive from Hoima International Airport.

A wide variety of accommodations is available in Hoima town such as Kabalega Resort, Hoima Resort Hotel, Miika Eco Resort Hotel, Hoima cultural lodges and many more. The places to stay on the shore of Lake Albert include Lake Albert Lodge and Kikonko Lodge among others.

  • Wamala Tombs

Kasubi tombs are one of the UNESCO heritage sites in Uganda. Unfortunately, it was set ablaze a few years ago diminishing its uniqueness. Though efforts are underway to restore the Kasubi tombs, they might not be the same as the original Kasubi tombs since efforts have been made to ensure that it is made better than the original one.

For those who still yearn to have a glimpse into what the Buganda tombs look like, Wamala tombs would be the best option. They are still in the original Buganda tombs form. Nothing has been changed, unlike Kasubi tombs. Wamala tombs are not popular but the experience will be worthwhile.

Location of Wamala Tombs

Wamala Tombs are located at Nansana Wamala, less than an hour’s drive from Kampala capital.

  • Ssezibwa Falls

Ssezibwa waterfalls are located less than 50km from Kampala but still, not many travelers consider it a worthwhile destination. It has an amazing history connected to the Buganda Kingdom. Its environment is still untampered by human activity and for that reason, many people who enjoy meditation often consider it as the go-to place.

Whether you simply have half-day at your disposal, you can successfully visit Ssezibwa falls on any given day. If you are traveling to Jinja, Mabira Forest, or Eastern Uganda, a stopover at Sezibwa falls is recommended.

  • Sempaya Hotsprings

Semuliki national park is also in the category of the least visited national parks in Uganda. You will not regret visiting Semuliki national park given its landscape and above all the popular sempaya hot-springs.

Sempaya Hot-springs Uganda

Sempaya Hot-springs Uganda

Every time you visit a natural physical feature, there are always local superstitious stories that follow it. Some of those stories are still believed by some people while other stories will give you an insight into the cosmology of the different societies.

It is not common to find an itinerary featuring all these five places but a self-drive Uganda safari will help you to better explore these places at your own pace.