Self Drive Rental Africa

How To Get The Most Out Of A Uganda Self-Drive Safari?

In the world of traveling and adventuring, there is nothing memorable like visiting and exploring a foreign country on self-drive in a rented car.

Many car rental companies in Uganda offer self-drive vehicles when they are already designed for wildlife parks in the country.

These cars are 4×4 because the road in some destinations are in bad condition and can only be passable in a 4×4 vehicle.

Many of their cars are in good condition and simple cars that can be operated by a driver with less skilled because they offer all types of cars. Below are the most important rules to follow when using self-drive in any destination in Uganda.

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Keep enough distance from the animals; driving near wild animals is so dangerous. The animals like elephants, buffaloes, Rhinos, and lions charge at the vehicles or any outside interruptions. It’s strongly advisable to keep about 100m away from such animals in wildlife parks for your safety and a successful trip.

Maintain a low speed; there is no need of rushing when driving in a wildlife park or in any other place and there is nothing good that comes with driving fast but only problems. You can even miss out on the great opportunities of seeing some of the wildlife and another thing, the speed limit within the national park is 40 km/hour, and since the animals have got the full right of the way, in case you find the animals sleeping in the road you have to stop the engine and wait for them. What you have to do is enjoy your trip is to drive slowly and take off the engine and make the most of your photo moment.

Avoid hooting inside the park; this is prohibited by Uganda Wildlife Authority or as one of the rules, this is unacceptable conduct in the park. Hooting scared off the animals and run deep into the bushes where they can’t easily be seen. For purposes of conservation for future generations, always avoid hooting whenever driving in the national park.

Stay in the car; when you’re in the game reserves, getting out of the vehicle when you are in the middle of the park doesn’t guarantee your safety or the insurance of your life. Respect the animals and stay in the vehicle unless it’s a gazetted area and allowed to explore out of your vehicle. It’s also recommended that you watch the animals through the open roof of the vehicles or through the windows of the car for safety reasons.

Always stop the car engine, this is so important for the best views of wildlife in the park because you will not interrupt the animals with the car engine sound. You can do this in case you are sure of your vehicle to kindle fast when the need emerges.

Always follow the rest and ask where necessary; Many tourists on the self-drive Uganda tour are not familiar with the tracks in the parks. However, there is always an alternative of finding wildlife or special sports for wildlife watching, following other safari vehicles where they go and taking the same route, or always asking, there are many rangers who are ready to help you in the national parks.