How to Keep safe on Ugandan roads While using Car Rental?

Car hire services are the most convenient transport option you can ever use in Uganda. These travel means have incredibly risen in the past few years, and the number of people who use them has increased drastically.

Car hire is usually used for self-drive and camping safaris, business transfers, airport transfers, driver-guided tours, and social occasions.

Although they are rewarding, it does not mean that they don’t have any challenges.  There are many hurdles faced when using car hire services, especially for self-drive travelers.

It is somehow risky and daunting to drive on your own, particularly in unfamiliar territories that self-drive tours expose you to. For you to be on the safe side, follow the tips below

Book with a reputable car rental company. Prior to reserving your rental, look at the past records of the company by reading the customer comments. The best places to find customer reviews are travel platforms such as trip advisor, lonely Planet, Kayak,, and many more.  What the past clients say about the rental company is what the company offer in terms of services. With these reviews, you will have certainty that car operators are experienced to give you good service delivery, and also can bail you out in case of any issue while using the car.

The dirty and gravel roads in Uganda can have slippery edges, and driving on these bumpy trails increase the chances of the car overturning. In instances of wild animals getting in the way, it is condoned to keep in the middle of the road than to drive on slippery shoulders.  Additionally, lowering your speed on gravel roads saves you a lot.

Mind the weight the car is supposed to carry when packing the luggage in the car. One of the main causes of accidents in Uganda is overloading the car. The vehicle tends to fail to hold on to the weight when moving and eventually overturns.  Ensure that the luggage is put in its right place, the trunk other than packing at the decker at the roof. The vehicle can easily be overwhelmed by the heavyweight at its top hence rolling over especially when instant or sudden breaking is done.

Get to know the fuel capacity of the car, consumption rate, and the location of the different refilling stations close to the destination being visited. The fuel consumption is usually influenced by the speed, tire pressure, load, and driving terrain. Get a can to store fuel that can be of use in case the tank gets empty while in the middle of the wilderness. Ensure to use the four-wheel drive gear in the right situation because it consumes lots of fuel.

Safety Measures;

Be cautious while booking a car rental in Uganda. Comprehensive insurance must be in place to cover the damages that may occur to the car while on the road.

Road assistance must be available for unexpected situations such as accidents and car breakdowns. The clients must be given emergency numbers of social amenities like the police and health centers. This is because they might need help from these social authorities in case of any problems like body damage and robbery.

The overall car rental service quality; every person likes to be associated with something of good quality because it gives peace of mind and creates a good impression. So, while booking a rental car in Uganda, you should look for an agency with vehicles that are well-maintained. The company should have extra rental services like GPS, extra baby seats, camping gear, travel maps, or guidebooks that make the trip more enjoyable and classier.

This means that you shouldn’t just book car hire services by only looking at the quote, you have to check for other attributes to get the right services that will make your road trip a successful one.