Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Tourist Activities Within Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda’s most visited destinations in Uganda offering a medley of attractions inform of flora and fauna that cannot be experienced within other National Parks in the country. It is located within the western side of the country and is famous for the tree climbing lions found within the Ishasha sector (southern side) in addition to over 94 species of mammals and more than 600 bird species making it every tourist’s must stop destination during Uganda tours.

Different vegetation types characterize the landscape of Queen Elizabeth National Park and these include lakeshore wetland bush grasslands forest grassland and Acacia woodland among others which all offer habitat to a wide range of wildlife species including warthogs, Cape Buffaloes, African Elephants, spotted Hyenas, leopards, Lions, antelopes (Uganda Kobs, Topis, waterbucks and bushbucks), warthogs and giant forest hogs among others. Not only that, beautiful bird species also inhabit the mentioned habitats and the common species include flycatchers, African fish eagles, Shoebill storks, African skimmer, Martial eagles, Papyrus Canary and Pink-backed pelicans among others.

When you visit this Park, you will discover that it is divided into different sectors/areas including Mweya Peninsular, Ishasha, Kazinga Channel, Maramagambo Forest and the Kyambura gorge. A phenomenal destination like Queen Elizabeth National Park is definitely expected to offers unsurpassed tourist activities including;

Bird watching

Known as an Important Birding Area, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a home to over 600 species of birds, making it the greatest of any East African Park and offers a medley of forest, savannah and aquatic bird species. While here, tourists are able to spot the East and Central African bird species and the common ones are the shoebill stork, Pelicans, greater Flamingos, Martial Eagles, African skimmer, black-rumped buttonquail among others.

Game drives

For unforgettable safari experiences in Uganda, the game tracks through the vast plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park especially Ishasha sector, Kasenyi and north Kazinga offer phenomenal views of Uganda Kobs, buffaloes, warthogs, elephants, waterbucks, bushbucks, elands and many others. It is always advisable to go with a knowledgeable ranger guide during your early morning, afternoon and evening game drive because these guides know where to find the lions and even the rare leopards.

Cultural encounters

Cultural encounters within Queen Elizabeth National Park offer opportunities of visiting the leopard village, seeing invigorating traditional dances of the Kikorongo Equator Cultural Performers, see some of the hardworking men and women harvesting salt in Lake Katwe and many other experiences to explore the lifestyles of the people living around the National Park.

Launch trips within Kazinga Channel

Launch trips within Queen Elizabeth National Park are conducted within Kazinga Channel, an oasis of numerous outstanding species of wildlife and birds that occupy the Park. The three-hour boat trip offers tourists with the opportunity of cruising just meters from schools of huge Hippos and herds of buffaloes as well as elephants that roam on the shores of the Channel.

Cave Exploration in Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are several Caves (known as Bat Caves) underneath the dark canopies of Maramagambo Forest and allow tourists to see the resident Bats and snake species especially the Pythons. The historic cave within Nyanz’ibiri community allows tourists to enjoy more detailed cultural cave experiences during their trip.

Chimpanzee tracking (within the Kyambura gorge)

Did you know that chimpanzee tracking is also possible within Queen Elizabeth National Park? Yes, it is possibly within the narrow and deep Kyambura gorge. Many tourists run to Kibale Forest National Park and Budongo Forest Reserve and yet this small area offers opportunities of encountering mankind’s closest relatives in their natural habitats. Not only that, it introduces tourists to an underground rainforest that is different from the nearby savannah plains.

Experiential tours (wildlife Research Tours)

You can travel in the whole of Uganda but nowhere will you participate in wildlife research tours except within Queen Elizabeth National Park. This exceptional experience allows tourists to actively engage in monitoring different exotic mammals and birds that inhabit the Park by use of locator devices and learn their various habituation calls but also participate in monitoring their behavior, weather and surroundings.

Nature Walks (Hiking)

You might long for game drives and boat rides but nature walks are one of the most activity ways of exploring the different landscapes, wildlife and bird species within Queen Elizabeth National Park. Fascinating spot for this activity the Maramagambo Forest, Ishasha River and Mweya Peninsular with phenomenal views and options of spotting several savannah and forest species of animals and many others.