Malka Mari National Park Kenya

Situated in the northeastern Kenya-Ethiopian border on River Daua exists Malka Mari National Park.  Designated as a national park in 1989, Malka Mari National Park refuges most of the untapped wildlife. The park is proud of its dancing gazelles, the Somali giraffe, the laughing spotted hyena and Nile crocodiles. This is also known for its magnificent hills and valleys that rank it as the remotest national park with untapped natural wonders, thus making it one of the must-see destinations when you visit Kenya. Malka Mari National Park extends up to 1500 square kilometres and mostly features vast semi and bushland, scrubby grassland with riparian woodland and palms that are growing on River Daua. The park is also popular for its rare historical sites especially the Malka Mari fort and its spectacular landscapes.

What to do in Malka Mari National Park?

  • Game viewing

Malka Mari National Park is one of the best national parks that you should consider exploring for game-viewing experiences. The park rewards visitors with exciting views of the zebras, genets, Agama lizards, Nile crocodiles along River Daua, gazelles, giraffes, antelope families, spotted hyenas, Dik-Dik and others and for bird enthusiasts, the park offers refuge to a number of incredible birdlife most of which can be spotted out while on game viewing especially Shelley’s starling, Magpie starling, wattled starling, Carmine bee-eater and African pygmy kingfisher, White-throated bee-eater, Lilac-breasted roller, Common sandpiper, Heuglin’s bustard and others.

Other safari activities for you to engage in Malka Mari National Park include hot air balloon safaris, cultural encounters; guided nature walks, viewing the Nile Crocodiles along River Daua, Visiting Malka Mari Fort-the famous historical site in the park, hiking adventures and many others.

Malka Mari National Park is a hot and dry climate a reason it has no permanent settlements. However, there are nomadic herders of the Gurreh community whose population is also very small.

Getting to Malka Mari National Park

Going on a guided or self-drive holiday in Kenya to Malka Mari National Park can be very challenging given its remotest location from Nairobi city centre. However, it can be reached on road, through the northern route to Isiolo then to Moyale along the Ethiopian border. From Moyale you will take the eastern side via Yabdus and Sara hills for about 160 kilometres prior arriving to Banissa where you will find the airstrip. The other roads take you via Wajir and it has 2 major routes. The first route takes visitors through Mado Gashi and the second one goes from Dadaab in the northeastern side of Garissa and it continues up to Tarba. You can still continue deep to the north for 200 kilometres to Banissa.

This park can also be reached using charter flights and they serve as the best option for most visitors on safari to this protected area. The 2 airstrips that are found around the park include the one at Banissa and the other is found within Malka Mari National Park.

Accommodation in Malka Mari National Park

Malka Mari National Park features mainly Hotel De L Hortloge for visitor stay over. The lodge comes with numerous amenities that are highly classic for travellers to have the most comfortable and enjoyable stay over while on their holidays. The hotel comes with wheelchairs, a private bath, air conditioners, an exercise facility, handicap rooms, a lounge and pets are also allowed. Self-drive and camping is another best alternative that you can take while on vacation in Malka Mari National Park.

Lastly, a visit to Malka Mari National Park rewards visitors with exceptionally truly wilderness experiences given its untapped natural wonders.