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Best Trails For Lone Travelers In Uganda

Solo/lone travel in Uganda amazingly offers lone travelers a chance to explore and experience what the Pearl of Africa has to offer the world just at their own pace. Visit Uganda as a lone/solo traveler and enjoy exceptionally the best experiential hiking/nature walk experiences, mountaineering expeditions and so much more. Uganda is a stunning destination, a landlocked country in East Africa with distinct hiking trails every nature loving lone/solo traveler shouldn’t miss hitting on. If you plan to go lone/solo travel, Uganda is definitely the right place to be.

Best trails for lone travelers in Uganda

Mount Elgon National Park trails

Situated in the Eastern border of Uganda and Kenya, Mount Elgon National Park derives its name from Mt. Elgon, one of Africa’s extinct volcanoes that rises 4321m. It is one distinct destination with fantastic trails for solo/lone travelers on Uganda safaris to explore and experience. The nature trails here usher solo travelers to enjoy bird sights, primates and unique tree species.

Wagagai Peak - Mount Elgon N.P

Wagagai Peak – Mount Elgon N.P

If you are interested in primates, birds or to learn more about unique species of trees, the 7kms Bamboo trail leading to Kapkwai cave trail is amazingly that trail you must hit on. Other significant trails include the 5kms walk trail to the Chebonet Falls, 3kms walk trail up to Kapkwai cave, Nabuyoga Loop which offers great views of the Wagagai peak and Jackson’s summit, 11kms trail to Tutum cave, 3hrs walk trail to Khauka caves in Wanale.


For short day treks, the best spots to start from include Budadiri and you trek the Mudagi cliffs, Drigana lower falls, Sasa River camp. These offer incredibly the best birding, camping and nature walk experiences. Embark on a hike to the Sipi Falls, the Triple Falls in Eastern Uganda about 5 hours’ drive.

Rwenzori Mountains trails

No better place in Uganda to enjoy the most exhilarating treks/hikes than the Rwenzori Mountain ranges in West. The best trail every solo/lone traveler in Uganda shouldn’t miss hiking is the Central Circuit Zone. While climbing Rwenzori Mountains, the main focus is to conquer the highest peak ‘Margherita’  on Mt. Stanley 5109m.

Other notably amazing nature trails at Rwenzori Mountain ranges also exist and usher you to Buraro Chimp Forest and Lake Mahooma. Or explore the surrounding local communities including Kichwamba to the Karangura ridge; hike to Bundibugyo side via Bwamba pass. You may also explore Turaco and Rubano communities where you can as well enjoy the best guided forest walks or walk along the River Mubuku while enjoying exceptional views of Baker & Portal peaks at 2300m. The interesting part about nature walks at Rwenzori Mountains is that you have a lot to keep an eye on including primates, birds, chameleons etc.

Rwenzori mountain hiking safari in Uganda

Rwenzori mountain hiking safari in Uganda

Mgahinga nature trails

Mgahinga National Park, a gorilla and golden monkey tracking destination offers also the best nature walk trail experiences. There are many opportunities to explore Mgahinga National Park considering its distinct nature trails. You can trek through the forest to explore the deep Sabyinyo Gorge an incredible trail that lets you keep an eye on the Rwenzori Turaco birds. Walk 4 hours via the Rugezi swamp the best spot for bird watching or descend via the Congo border trail while exploring the distinct vegetation zones.

There is also a chance to explore Gisozi hills overview the Kisoro and Bunagana Towns plus Lake Mutanda. If you are interested in golden monkeys them a visit to Mgahinga should be  a must-do-enjoy 2-4 hours walk in the bamboo forest while on your on search to see these amazing apes. Visit, interact with the Batwa on Batwa Trail.

Bwindi trails

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (BINP) is a magical park worth visiting not only for gorilla trekking but also guided nature walks. The park consists of 6 major trails including the Muyanga waterfall from Buhoma via River Ivi-Nkuringo trail; Rushura Hill walk via lush forest, Muzubijiro Loop 6kms, River Ivi walk 14kms, Habinyanja trail 4-6 hours.

Lake Mburo trails

Lake Mburo also features the best nature trails worth exploring by solo travelers while on guided nature walk. The best site to start your nature walk in Lake Mburo National Park is Rwonyo to Salt Lick area about 2 hours experience. Walk on top of the hill to enjoy view of about 9 of Lake Mburo’s 14 small lakes or visit Rubanga Forest for nature walk.

Queen Elizabeth NP trails

Queen Elizabeth National Park is by far one of the excellent places any solo/lone traveler in Uganda shouldn’t miss visiting. Nature trails offer the best alternative for visitors to explore what this park has to offer. The best trails for nature walk at Queen Elizabeth National Park are available at Mweya Peninsular, Maramagambo Forest, Kyambura Gorge. Mweya Peninsular is noted for its magical woodland and savanna animal species and breathtaking landscape over viewing the 40kms Kazinga Channel that connects Lake George and Lake Edward.

Murchison Falls trails

Murchison Falls NP sits in the Northwest, about 6 hours from Kampala a home to 4 of the big five game and chimpanzees. It is noted for its breathtaking landscapes and perfect to explore on lone/solo travel in Uganda. Murchison Falls National Park is blessed with exceptional nature trails especially around Kaniyo-Pabidi Forest, Rabongo Forest which offer great sightings of diverse forest birds, primates. You can as well take 2-4 hours on swamp walk leading to Lake Albert Delta; 45 minutes walk via woodland up to the top of the falls; embark on short walks beginning from Sambiya River Lodge/Mubako Junction.Boat Cruise to The Bottom of Murchison Falls

Lake Bunyonyi-Kabale

Lake Bunyonyi walks offer incredible experience-enjoy the cool breeze at the shores, listen to birds as they sing. Also, interact with the local residents in the nearby local community.

Kidepo Valley National Park trails

Set alone in the far Northeastern Uganda, Kidepo National Park is one undiscovered wilderness paradise. The park is noted not only for game drives but also shorter guided treks 2 hours via the Narus Valleys 5kms setting off from Apoka Tourism Centre. Have ample time exploring the scenic Kidepo River Valley or Namamukweny Valley 1 hour walk off Apoka or visit the IK on Mount Morungole 8kms trail.