Lake Tanganyika Snorkelling

Things To Do In Lake Tanganyika On Zambia Side

With over 660 kilometres, Lake Tanganyika is undoubtedly the world’s longest freshwater Lake and second deepest with a depth of about 1436 meters. It spans about 32900 square kilometres and makes a border area between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

It is believed that this water body takes about 18% of the freshwater in the world and over 26 rivers feed into it and only River Lukuga serves as its outlet. Its temperature ranges from 24-26 degrees Celsius throughout the year making it an ideal place for you to embark on exciting water experiences. 7% of 420 miles in this water body falls on the Zambian side and the other portion shared amongst the DRC, Burundi and Tanzania. Unlike other water Lakes, this Lake boasts of its diverse and amazing water activities for you to enjoy while on a safari in East and Central Africa and they include among others;

  • Sportfishing
Sport Fishing - Zambia - Lake Tanganyika

Sport Fishing – Zambia – Lake Tanganyika

If your dream has always been to engage in the most challenging adventure experiences, then Lake Tanganyika is that one place you need not miss to pay a visit. More than 280 cichlid species call this water body their home including larger ones. Amazingly, the Sangala Pamba can even grow up to two meters long and have a weight of about 100 kilograms.

For those of you who are very sharp, you can even catch heaviest Nile Perch with about 50-80 kilograms or even more as well as yellowbelly, Tigerfish, Bream and many more. The least caught fish species in this Lake include the unique Golden perch and the giant goliath tiger. Interestingly, there is Zambia National Fishing Competition which is usually conducted on Lake Tanganyika especially in March each year and over 100 fishermen usually come for this lovely experience.


For adventure lovers, Lake Tanganyika is that one tourist site you shouldn’t miss to visit for life-changing adventure experiences like snorkelling. The temperatures in this water Lake range from 24 to 25 degrees Celsius. Its water is clear and fish species that exist here make it perfect for this adventure. Interested visitors who spend a night at Ndole Bay Lodge can still be part of this lovely experience as it is registered to offer this service in Zambia.

Equipment can be obtained at no fee but you will need some cash for the actual experience. For interested travellers, you can pay a visit to any of the 4 sites which provide an excellent opportunity for you to spot most of the fish species clearing while on your snorkelling experience. While on this adventure, you will spot out most of the beautiful cichlids or alternatively sight at the aquatic cobras.

  • Scuba diving    
Scuba-diving Lake Tanganyika

Scuba-diving Lake Tanganyika

Still, at Ndole Bay Lodge, you can be part of scuba diving that is conducted near the Lake shoreline. There are many options that cover all divers interested whether you are a fresher or intermediate diver. Scuba divers on safari in this country get the opportunity to spot out the Nile Perch that weighs up to even 80 kilograms and beyond. Interestingly, all dives can be enhanced at extra cost to tropical fish experience in which divers go with a marine biologist to point for them cichlids and guide in many other things.


  • Kayaking

This is another lovely water sport that you shouldn’t miss in your travel plan. There are many companies that offer tours and this is usually one of the major safari highlights for most tourists on a safari in Zambia. This experience takes you to one of the most stunning islands where you will have an enjoyable picnic.

  • Game viewing

This Lake also offers visitors with amazing opportunity to spot out most of the fish species while on most of the water sports like diving, snorkelling. The notable species to sight at in this Lake include freshwater crabs, speckled eels, bushbuck, blue duikers, hippos, jellyfish, otters and many more.

Other water sports for you to enjoy in Lake Tanganyika include sailing, waterboarding, and kitesurfing, waterskiing, boating, sunset cruise, swimming.

In conclusion, Lake Tanganyika is a natural wonder of its own. If you love angling experiences, it is the best place for you to visit while on safari in Africa. The lake can also be accessed from Tanzania side where you can experience the same tour activities mentioned above.