Yankari National Park

Welcome to Yankari National Park – Nigeria

This is another most extensive national park in Nigeria that you need to pay a visit. It is situated in the south Central side of Bauchi State in northeastern Nigeria. The park extends for over 2,244 square kilometres and offers refuge to most of the natural warm water springs, variety of faunal and floral species, Yankari National Park is situated at the heart of the West African savanna making it the best for tourists to explore the wildlife species in most of its natural habitats. Initially, it was established as a game reserve in 1956 and after, became a national park in 1991 and the biggest in Nigeria. This park is the most famous tourist destination in Nigeria and plays a significant role in the country’s development and promotion of tourism and eco-tourism.African Elephants - African Safaris

Tourist Attractions at Yankari National Park

This park is also surrounded by farmers and herders though there is no human settlement beside the evidence of the old iron smelting site and caves. The notable wildlife species for you to spot out at this park while on safari in Nigeria include African bush elephants, patas monkeys, Tantalus monkeys, olive baboon, western hartebeest, West African lion, African buffalo, waterbuck, bushbuck, hippos, Sudan cheetahs plus more than 350 bird species including 130 residents and 50 Palearctic migrants.

The avifaunal species for you to sight at this park include the grey hornbill, cattle egret, saddled billed stork, guinea fowl, the critically endangered white-backed vultures and many more. The best time to view wildlife species at this national park is from December to late April prior wet season as most of them confine at River Gaji for water.

About warm water springs exist in this park and they include among other the Wikki spring that derives its name from Wikki denoting where are you? It is the largest water springs and flows about 21000000. Other warm water springs include Gwan, Nawulgo and Tungan Naliki-the only cool spring at the park as well as Dimmil springs. Other tourist sites include the paliyaram hill, Kalban hill, Tonlong Gorge and Kariyo hill.

Where to stay while on safari in Yankari National Park?

For visitor overnight stay, there is Wikki camp which is also the tourist centre of this park. This is situated approximately 42 kilometres off the main entrance gate.

Conclusively, Yankari national park is another expansive protected area in Nigeria that comes with diverse attractions for you to explore.