Dispersed Gorillas Located Through Census Genetic Analysis

Besides knowing the population of mountain gorillas that still thrive in the wild, the current census played a great role a fact that it offered enabled trackers to come across those individuals that had disappeared from the monitoring spots for a longer period of time and joined other families which have not been habituated as well as understand their genetic structure.

The genetic analysis equally enabled trackers to identify gorillas that are not in the families anymore and they are followed each day. They had moved to families that aren’t followed and this made challenging for trackers to monitor them in the wild. Most importantly, trackers still remember these mountain gorillas regardless of the time that they have taken without been noticed.

Below is a list of mountain gorillas that got dispersed

Bishushwe; this was born on 18th/6/1985 at Susa family and has relocated many times and later came to Gushimira family. Faida was also born on 10th October 2000 within Pablo’s troop and later, moved many times especially around January 2015. These two were sighted in the family in Democratic Republic of Congo that was not followed by trackers.

Mountain Gorillas in African Jungle


Kanama; on 17th January 2008, Kanama was born within shinda family and Sabato on 25th/3/2010 in Ugenda family which all disappeared later when Gushimira died in 2015. Kanama was seen in a troop that wasn’t monitored by trackers plus Bishushwe and Faida.

Kubaka; on 6th/3/1990 Kubaka was born in group five, daughter Kunga on other hand was born on first July 2003 in shinda family and Igisubizo  on 17th January 2008 also within Shinda family. After several transfers, the 3 stayed together in Ntambara family and later moved and joined the solitary silverback Himbara around November 2015. Although they transferred leaving Himbara to family that was not known in February 2016 and they have not been sighted.

Makuba; this was born on 20th/8/1989 in group five and Mawingu was born on sixth March 1982 in Nunkie family. They all joined Beetsme family and they lived together from 2007. They were spotted in the 2010 gorilla census. Today, Makuba and Mawingu are 29 and 36 years respectively and they originate from varied families though they joined Beetsme’s family. They have lived together, supported one another plus a lone silverback-Umushikirano prior joining a family that is not followed by tracers in DR Congo where they found them.

Umutekano was born on 13th November 1999 within Pablo family and Haguruka on 29th November 2007 within Kuryama troop and these were seen in September 2016 within Kuryama’s family. The troop also transferred to DR Congo and was not followed thereafter.

Umutuzo was born on 6th/9/1998 in Shinda troop and later transferred around 9th/1/2010 away from Ntambara family to Umubano troop. Umutuzo later transferred to a family that is not habituated in DR Congo.

Gufasha; this was born on 13th/9/1998 to popular Titus silverback gorilla. Gufasha later joined Pablo family in 2005, and just after some weeks moved to unfamiliar family but she was seen in 2010 counting exercise.