Spend your Easter Holiday in Uganda with African Jungle Adventures

Are you’re tired of civilization, busy towns and traffic jam? If you’re searching for a home away from home full of adventures and other interesting things you have never experienced, then stop searching and go for Uganda safari. In Uganda you will enjoy a variety of wonders that are breathtaking and will keep your mind relaxed. You can organize and travel with your family and friends to Uganda and witness how the black people spend their Holy days.

When it comes to Easter day, Ugandans most particularly the workers put a smile on their faces on the grounds that they are given a public holiday for four days. When in Kampala city, you can see a lot people with their luggage boarding taxis to go and spend the Easter holiday with their families in village. In Uganda, spending public holidays in the village is one of those things that are culturally empathized.

On the other hand, urban centres are not full abandoned on the grounds that this is the time when people get time to spend their money and kick away the anxiety from work. A person can save a quarter of his / her salary for about 3 months in light of the fact that he/she needs to have a colorful Easter.

Trade in the country booms as different people shop for this holiday and among the things that are mainly bought during the Easter season include clothes, food, gifts among others. When it comes to partying, Uganda is famous internationally and in 2013, Ugandans were ranked as the happiest people in Africa by the United Nations Organization (UNO).

Most of the families in Kampala make sure that all the family members enjoy the holiday to the extreme. A visit to Uganda’s different beaches along Lake Victoria and other lakes during the Easter can leave you wondering as you see a lot of people having fun and enjoying different beach activities like swimming, sunbathing, playing beach soccer, volleyball among others.

To a small extent, some Ugandans make trips to different destinations outside say to Europe, America, and even to some African nations. They forget that their mother country is full of great and interesting attractions that have made people to travel from different parts of the world searching.

During this period, the tourism industry also gains a lot as many tourists flock into the nation to enjoy what they can’t find in their home. Some even extend their safari to the Uganda villages with the aim of experiencing the way of life of the real African home. Making a cultural visit any cultured home in Uganda during this Easter will guarantee you a wonderful experience and even get to know how to talk some African languages. Enjoy the delicacy of an African dish on your village stay and taste some foods that you have never eaten like Matooke, Sweet potatoes, millet, sorghum among others.

In the mean time, you can extend your tour to Uganda’s National Parks and enjoy various collection of tour activities like; gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, birding, nature walks, wildlife watching drives, white water rafting among others. The another reason why you should not miss a Uganda tour this year is that prices for these tour activities and transport are going to be relatively low.

African Jungle Adventures Ltd can help you enjoy this wonderful tour at reasonable prices with a classic touch. All you can do is to send us an inquiry on this website stating which type of tour you are interested in for instance “3 days gorilla trip in Uganda”, and we shall send you a proposed itinerary which it will depend on you to make some changes in it, they can also book accommodation for you and ensuring your movement through Uganda at ease.